Providing coaching, mentoring and expert advice to enhance the confidence of community, government and other leaders, to set and pursue courageous goals and to work more effectively together.


Supporting strong organisational governance, strategy and cultural capability, to realise ongoing growth and performance. Supporting Aboriginal communities and their representative organisations to explore, articulate and achieve their aspirations.


Assisting Traditional Owners to strengthen their connection to, and management of, Country. Facilitating mutually beneficial partnerships between Aboriginal communities, government and others - built on respect, understanding and genuine co-design.


Developing confidence, capabilities and connections to successfully thrive in leadership roles is critical to achieving tangible, long-term improvements in the social and economic outcomes experienced by First Peoples, their families and communities.

First Peoples Leading is a leadership development program specifically for First Nations people in middle and senior leadership roles.

Thirriwirri co-founders and Directors Jason Ardler and David Major deliver this program in partnership with Executive Central, which brings long-term experience experience in leadership coaching and development. Visit the Executive Central site using the link below to learn more and to register.